What is the Louisiana Land Trust?

The Road Home Corporation dba the Louisiana Land Trust (LLT) is a publicly chartered nonprofit corporation created to take title to properties purchased by the Road Home Homeowner Assistance Program.

Louisiana Land Trust is governed by a seven member Board of Directors, “with one member appointed from a list of three persons nominated by the president of the Senate and with one member appointed from a list of three persons nominated by the speaker of the House of Representatives.  No less than three of such members shall be a domiciliary of one of the parishes most affected by Hurricane Katrina and no less than three members be a domiciliary of one of the parishes most affected by Hurricane Rita.”
Click here to read the Action Plan Amendment that created the LLT

What are the powers of the LLT?

The LLT has broad powers to receive and dispose of the properties, to accept funds “from any sources,” to borrow against these properties and to obtain payment for these obligations and to “enter into any and all agreements,” necessary to carry out its mission.  This would be done under the guidelines “set forth by the Louisiana Recovery Authority (LRA)” and to provide for financing “as administered by the Office of Community Development (OCD).

How is the LLT funded?

Funding is provided through Community Development Block Grant funds administered by the OCD.  OCD has entered into a Loan and Regulatory Compliance Agreement(Agreement), through which OCD has agreed to provide funding to LLT in compliance with 24 CFR 570 (requirements for agreements with sub-recipients of CDBG funds).  The Agreement authorizes the LLT to utilize funds for the purpose of acquisition, disposition, purchase, renovation, improvement, leasing or expansion of housing stock, including, but not limited to housing stock.

If I am interested in purchasing a piece of property in a particular parish, whom should I contact?

You will need to refer your questions to a particular parish contact.  Contact persons for each parish can be located by clicking on the Property Inventory icon on the Louisiana Land Trust web site at www.lalandtrust.us.  Then click on the Master Parish Contact List icon.

The Lot Next Door

To be eligible, Lot Next Door participants must:
Have a homestead exemption on your property;
Live directly to the right or left of the property NORA owns or will come to own;
Currently comply with city building codes and health and safety ordinances on all properties you own in Orleans Parish;
Be current on taxes on all property you own in Orleans Parish;
Be prepared to pay NORA the appraised, fair market lot value plus legal fees and costs; and
Plan to hold ownership of the subject property for at least five years or pay a penalty

Can I purchase the lot/structure behind me through Lot Next Door?

No, the City of New Orleans’ Lot Next Door Ordinance allows a homeowner to purchase only those lots immediately to the left or fight of the qualified homeowner.  However, you may eventually be able to purchase that lot from NORA though other disposition programs.

What can I do if I had a homestead exemption prior to Hurricane Katrina, but lost it when I moved afterward?

The Lot Next Door program requires prospective purchasers to have a homestead exemption on the property next to the one they wish to purchase.  Therefore, homeowners who lost homestead exemptions must first reestablish their homestead exemption.

How does NORA determine if I have a homestead exemption?

NORA verifies homestead exempt status by consulting the City’s tax database.  We do not have a separate method for determining homestead exemptions.  If you have a question about your homestead exemption status, contact the city Assessor’s Office at (504)658-1320.  If there is a recent change in your homestead exemption status please let NORA know.

Who should expect to receive letters from NORA?

NORA has identified over 2000 individuals who potentially meet the qualifications.  AS additional properties are declared blighted or acquired by the Louisiana Land Trust, NORA will send additional letters.

What should I do if I owe back taxes or have a health or safety lien on my property but I still want to participate in the Lot Next Door program?

You must pay any back taxes and clear any liens upon any properties you own in Orleans Parish.  Back taxes may be paid to the City Bureau of the Treasury, located in City Hall, (866) 493-7407.  Property health liens may be addressed at the City Health Department, (504) 658-2595.  The Code Enforcement office, (504) 658-4300, is responsible for all other liens. Check with each department to determine if liens are on your properties, and be sure to save copies of your receipts showing that you have paid all back taxes and liens.